Company continues its record of innovation and growth in life sciences with the latest release of its market leading text mining solution

(11th May 2011, Cambridge, UK, and Boston, MA, USA) Linguamatics, the leader in NLP-based enterprise text mining for life sciences and other markets, announces the latest release of its award-winning software platform, I2E. Version 3.2 reflects Linguamatics' commitment to continuing innovation, and offers substantive developments in the areas of improved performance, query power enhancements, and simplicity of use. These new capabilities are now available to the company's substantial user base in the life sciences sector, which includes the world's top-10 pharmaceutical companies.

I2E 3.2 provides users with a host of additional features that enable users to find the data they need more quickly than ever before. Customers have already told Linguamatics that I2E locates meaningful information over ten times faster than conventional search engine-based approaches. I2E 3.2 delivers outstanding performance by combining expertise in a number of key areas: highly efficient data indexing, extremely powerful querying tools and elimination of irrelevant, "noisy" data. The results are greater efficiency, productivity and speed to market. Single-site businesses, national companies and large organisations with global R&D teams have all found that they benefit from streamlined processes and network speed.

I2E 3.2 provides users with new capabilities and a host of additional features to get to the answers they are looking for in a much faster way. Customers have already told Linguamatics that I2E finds meaningful information over ten times faster than conventional search engine-based approaches. I2E 3.2 provides this by indexing the data faster, providing more powerful querying tools and reducing the considerable amount of irrelevant, "noisy" data which often hampers the research effort. The results are greater efficiency, productivity and speed to market. In particular, companies with global R&D teams find they benefit from streamlined processes and network speed.
Commenting on the Company's latest release, John M. Brimacombe, Executive Chairman of Linguamatics, said: "Linguamatics continues to build on its core strengths of text mining and Natural Language Processing. We demonstrate through regular innovation our ability to respond to the expanding needs of a demanding, sophisticated customer base. Our customer growth and retention continues to be excellent as they prove the value of agile text mining to inform decision-makers across their organizations, and exploit the technology in more applications. Linguamatics is setting the standard for agile text mining that can directly drive decision making."

In spite of a challenging trading environment, Linguamatics continues to invest in building and enhancing powerful text mining capabilities, which enable research and development functions to reengineer and optimise their handling and interpretation of vast quantities of relevant, but often unstructured, data.

Indeed, the launch of I2E 3.2 follows quickly on the heels of Linguamatics' recent launch of its latest product innovation, I2E OnDemand. The Software as a Service (Saas) version of I2E, I2E OnDemand enables small to medium sized organisations to access the same powerful query and synthesis capabilities that Linguamatics' larger customers have enjoyed for years.


I2E is an agile text mining system that aids organizations in discovering and synthesizing knowledge from unstructured text in large document collections. Text mining is the ability to analyze unstructured or semi structured text and derive concepts, structure and relationships from it. I2E is a far superior approach to traditional search engines using keywords in documents as a way of finding information: I2E's text mining software interprets the meaning of the text.

OnDemand is the software as a service (SaaS) version of I2E. SaaS - sometimes referred to as "software on demand" or "cloud computing" - is software that is deployed over the internet or internal networks. In the case of I2E OnDemand, Linguamatics hosts the service, which the researcher can conveniently access using a web browser. I2E OnDemand provides a complete set of indexed regularly updated MEDLINE abstracts (approximately 20 million documents) ready to be queried. The resulting data creates a powerful framework for sifting through the data and extracting the most valuable meanings from it.

Linguamatics enables organizations to maximize the value derived from information resources through effective deployment of innovative natural language processing (NLP) based technology. The versatile semantic knowledge discovery system, I2E, helps organizations to do much more than simply cope with vast quantities of information. Its unique combination of search and text mining enables organizations to turn this information into a competitive advantage. From life sciences and healthcare to business intelligence, from media analysis to security, users mine large collections of documents, extracting, analyzing and synthesizing relevant facts, relationships and quantitative data from content such as scientific papers, news feeds, patents, or internal reports. Linguamatics has a rapidly growing user community which includes all the world's top-10 pharmaceutical companies. The company was founded in 2001, and is headquartered in Cambridge, UK.
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