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I2E Text Mining Software Datasheet I2E Datasheet
Integrating Text Mining into your Workflow Datasheet I2E OnDemand Datasheet
Integrating Text Mining into your Workflow Datasheet Pipeline Pilot Integration Datasheet
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Insights and  Intelligence from Text
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I2E - Enterprise Text Mining Software

Linguamatics is a leading provider of agile, high performance, enterprise text mining software delivered through the I2E product family

Find out what's new in I2E 4.1

Linguamatics I2E text mining software enables you to answer business-critical questions by rapidly extracting relevant facts and relationships from large document collections. Query results are returned in real-time with relevant context and you can easily modify and compare queries to gain the balance of precision and recall you need. You are not only presented with structured search results and assertions but can easily drill down to the underlying evidence.

I2E Text Mining Software

I2E text mining software offers:

  • Agile querying based on natural language processing (NLP): quickly interpreting the meaning of unstructured text sources and returning high value, relevant results
  • Search engine approach: to build and refine queries on-the-fly and return the results in real time
  • Intuitive reporting: presenting extracted information in a structured form, that is easy to analyze, with drill-down to supporting evidence
  • Domain knowledge plug-in: enhancing semantic search capabilities using taxonomies, thesauri and ontologies
  • Web Services API (I2E WSAPI)
    • I2E incorporates a comprehensive RESTful Web Services API that gives access to the majority of the functions in I2E                  
    • Users can create new, customized interfaces to I2E that are tailored to different types of use and specific projects
    • The I2E WSAPI is available to use from any programming language (Java, JavaScript, C++, C#, Python, etc.)

I2E provides capabilities for researchers, information professionals and decision makers in knowledge-driven organizations. For more information join our Introduction to Text Mining webinar.

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