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Example: What genes affect breast cancer?


Search Engines


Traditional keyword search retrieves documents using pre-defined keywords.


Text Mining


Using computational algorithms based on Natural Language Processing (NLP), text mining identifies, extracts, synthesizes and analyses relevant facts and relationships that provide directly relevant information to answer your questions


Linguamatics I2E is an agile, scalable NLP-based text mining platform that enables better, faster decision support through more effective and productive knowledge discovery.


It's used to solve high value knowledge discovery problems in many different application areas, in industries such as Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology. Examples are R&D, Competitive Intelligence, Patent Analysis, and Market Research including sentiment analysis and social media mining.


The results from your query are an automatically extracted set of facts and relationships, typically clustered together by topic or type of assertion. The computer is able to mine this information in a systematic, comprehensive and reproducible way at a scale that a human can’t achieve. Because the software does this extra step for you, it dramatically reduces the manual reading, review and analysis required to find breakthrough insights.

The results are structured, like in a database, so you can visualize them in many different ways, as tables, interaction networks, mind maps, charts, and so on.

Based on customer feedback, I2E gets to actionable results at least 10x faster than conventional keyword search, and in many cases makes projects successful that would otherwise be impossible or intractable.

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