3 reasons to meet the text mining specialists at Bio-IT 2016

The Linguamatics Booth #345 at this year’s Bio-IT Conference (April 5-7 in Boston) offers the ideal opportunity to catch up with the latest developments in text mining.

Here are 3 reasons to meet the market leader in text analytics for life science and healthcare:

  • Linguamatics I2E is the industry’s first and only federated text mining solution. This means that, instead of having to run many text mining queries separately across disparate data sources, I2E’s Connected Data Technology allows users to run a single query simultaneously over multiple data sources, multiple locations. This enables rapid access to critical information for decision-making across drug discovery, development and delivery.   
  • Linguamatics OnDemand provides a cloud-based, cost-effective and high performance text mining system that enables users to rapidly extract valuable knowledge (facts and relationships) from a wide range of content sources, from both public domain and commercial sources.
  • Linguamatics is a market leader in pharma and healthcare – we have 17 of the world’s top 20 pharmaceutical companies as customers, and we are leading the discussion on the growing importance of Clinical NLP in the delivery of patient care and using NLP to improve cancer care and outcomes. Our customers are gaining the benefits of text analytics in applications as diverse as clinical trial optimization, regulatory compliance, patent analytics, and genotype-phenotype associations for precision medicine.

For the latest in text mining, come to Booth #345 and we will be pleased to bring you up to date. We look forward to seeing you in Boston.