A different, but highly valuable, experience

Our established large annual conferences, such as the annual Text Mining Summit (U.S.) and Spring Text Mining Conference (Europe), are the Linguamatics annual showpiece events, but attendees also find our smaller, local events very appealing, as they offer a different, but highly valuable, experience.  These seminars, for both existing and future clients, provide a variety of presentations, end user case studies and plenty of opportunities to network and collaborate with other organizations and NLP experts.

The recent inaugural "Text Mining Seminar Washington DC Summer 2016: From research to regulatory; unlocking key insights in your data" was held in Rockville, MD.  To broaden the discussion,  we invited a number of partners to join us in a wider debate about how NLP technology is moving into fresh and exciting areas.  The event, held on June 22, brought together over 50 attendees and was supported by Affigent, Copyright Clearance Center and Dow Jones.  It enabled attendees from government agencies, healthcare organizations and academic institutes, to not only hear a range of thought-provoking presentations but also to chat with a range of experts regarding NLP applications.  Seminar highlights included Paul Fearn, Director Biomedical Informatics, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, who shared his insights about advancing tumor registries and cancer surveillance with clinical NLP, and Jonathan Hartmann from Georgetown University Medical Center, who led a discussion on the evolution of improved patient care using NLP.

Held this year in Chatham, MA, the 2016 Text Mining Summit, is the next major date in the calendar, but the success of the Rockville seminar (and the Princeton and Boston Seminars which preceded it) shows that the concept of regional seminars is definitely one to be repeated. We hope to see you at a future event!