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Posts from December 2018

Notable successes include industry excellence awards, new product innovations, and strategic partnerships to extend application areas and solution benefits

Cambridge, England and Boston —Dec 12, 2018— In 2018, Linguamatics advanced its position as the market-leading provider of natural language processing (NLP) text analytics for healthcare and the life sciences, winning prestigious industry awards, introducing innovative product enhancements, and partnering with organizations to extend the value of Linguamatics solutions.

“Linguamatics has had an extraordinary year in terms of earning industry recognition, and advancing the use of our solutions and services across top-tier biomedical companies and health systems,” said Phil Hastings, Linguamatics chief business development officer. “At our Spring and Fall conferences we were inspired by our customers as they shared details on the many ways they are leveraging our AI solutions to extract actionable insights from unstructured text. We also heard new success stories from our latest industry partners who have selected Linguamatics to power automated solutions that unlock the rich knowledge assets within unstructured data.”

Some of Linguamatics’ most notable 2018 achievements include:

Four million people die from diabetes annually. Novo Nordisk, a global healthcare company, has a mission to change that. Although it has a presence in 170 countries, is already helping 28 million patients, and supplies half of the world’s insulin, the company still faces an enormous challenge: novel drug approaches are needed, and drug development is a long, expensive process. The GLIA (Global Information & Analysis) team at Novo Nordisk aim to help by providing the best information possible to researchers and product teams.  

Using natural language processing (NLP) to extract information from real world data sources

The answers Novo Nordisk need are buried within a myriad of sources of unstructured real world data. These data sources include research papers, news reports, market information, patient use information, and more.

“Finding accurate information in an ever-growing ocean of information is becoming more important than ever,” explains Novo Nordisk senior information scientist Solmaz Gabery Adams.

Extensive research informs every step on the long path to delivering healthcare, from identifying needs and undertaking drug discovery to clinical trials and regulatory review before bringing new treatments to market. At every stage, Novo Nordisk researchers and managers must make crucial decisions, including which projects to advance and which projects to leave behind.

That means the right information at the right time can make all the difference for patients, potentially shaving months or even years from the drug development process.