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Posts from January 2019

Linguamatics NLP platform enables rapid adverse event understanding from clinical trials

Identifying serious adverse events (SAEs) during clinical trials is a critical part of patient monitoring, and Agios wanted to enable a more rapid response to SAEs. These forms can be in image or PDF format, and manual extraction of the key patient data is slow and error-prone. Agios developed a workflow to process the Serious Adverse Event (SAE) report forms, using Linguamatics NLP platform to extract all relevant patient data. The workflow steps included:

  • OCR of the image SAE reports to render the data accessible
  • Indexing all documents with ontologies such as MeSH, MedDRA, WHO Drugs to normalize and code the data attributes
  • Using Linguamatics NLP platform queries to extract study drug, concomitant medications, adverse events, date of onset, lab test results and other key patient attributes 
  • Loading the data into a clinical safety database for rapid access

Identification of at-risk patients with network visualizations

A specific clinical example explored the risk of a rare (potentially life-threatening) adverse event, Differentiation Syndrome (DS) in patients on a clinical trial of Agios’s IDH1-inhibitor AG120. DS is a complication of first-line chemotherapy in some Acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL) patients, which can be fatal if not recognized on time and treated aggressively.