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Posts from March 2019

It's been more than a few months since the last blog post about I2E - enough time for two versions to be released!

In this post, I will highlight one feature from each release, as well as one part of the product that improves with every release.

I2E 5.4.1 - Blank Smart Query Slots

Previously, Smart Queries required a search term in each field: you had to include a Phase (or multiple Phases). In I2E 5.4.1, it is now possible to design the smart query with a field that is allowed to be blank. For example, you may want to make it possible to leave the Phase field blank (that is, allow clinical trials with any Phase) but still search for an Indication (or multiple Indications).

This applies to Dates, Authors, Locations, etc. any Smart query item can have its field blank. A great example of this is the collection of Table queries in the Resources query tree: they now allow table headers to contain Any item.

The software screenshot shows that an out-of-the-box Table Extraction queries supports the new ability to allow a Smart query field to match Anything

Fig. 1 Out-of-the-box Table Extraction queries support the new ability to allow a Smart query field to match Anything

Hot Topics at HIMSS19

The 2019 Annual HIMSS Conference & Exhibition in Orlando proved to be another spectacular event. HIMSS continues to grow, with an estimated 45,000+ individuals from over 90 countries attending (a 5K population increase in projections from last year).  This was Linguamatics 5th consecutive year exhibiting at HIMSS, and each time it seems the more information we ingest from the event, the more eager we are to attend the subsequent year. This 5-day event offers endless opportunities to educate oneself on ‘what’s new’ and ‘hot topics’ within the industry, and to engage in robust networking sessions.

Trying to find the “signal in the noise” can be difficult at HIMSS. It is both exciting and overwhelming. Two topics of particular interest come to the forefront of my mind: Artificial Intelligence and Interoperability is the one and physician burnout is the other. Burnout ‘studies’ seem to be wildly inconsistent but when you look at the frustrated, sometimes defeated physician faces (and hear the tone of the conversations) my expertise says there is only one obvious conclusion!