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Posts from October 2020

Pharmaceutical leaders, from therapeutic experts to medical affairs directors, face challenges staying abreast of the latest development and research – leading them to spend significant time searching for information, rather than driving strategy and direction across the organization. As a result, they sometimes end up making decisions without having the full picture – potentially compromising innovation opportunities or delaying a response to competitive forces.

In an ideal world, leaders should be able to focus on key initiatives for their teams and organizations, rather than spend valuable time gathering and sorting through information. They need access to information that delivers the full view of their product or therapy area landscape.

The NLP Insights Hub is the latest evolution in our NLP technology offerings, designed to help pharma professionals solve their data deluge challenges. The NLP Insights Hub provides an end-to-end offering for business users, combining core NLP to extract critical information from text, with the power of dashboards to bring the data to life and enable understanding. Bringing together the key pieces of information from a wide range of structured and unstructured data sources in one hub, with visual analytics on top, enables efficient insights development, sparks innovation and optimizes decision-making.