Artificial Intelligence and Interoperability - playing "nice" in the sandbox!

Hot Topics at HIMSS19

The 2019 Annual HIMSS Conference & Exhibition in Orlando proved to be another spectacular event. HIMSS continues to grow, with an estimated 45,000+ individuals from over 90 countries attending (a 5K population increase in projections from last year).  This was Linguamatics 5th consecutive year exhibiting at HIMSS, and each time it seems the more information we ingest from the event, the more eager we are to attend the subsequent year. This 5-day event offers endless opportunities to educate oneself on ‘what’s new’ and ‘hot topics’ within the industry, and to engage in robust networking sessions.

Trying to find the “signal in the noise” can be difficult at HIMSS. It is both exciting and overwhelming. Two topics of particular interest come to the forefront of my mind: Artificial Intelligence and Interoperability is the one and physician burnout is the other. Burnout ‘studies’ seem to be wildly inconsistent but when you look at the frustrated, sometimes defeated physician faces (and hear the tone of the conversations) my expertise says there is only one obvious conclusion!

Kindergarten lessons still apply when it comes to healthcare IT!

One of the first lessons we all learned in Kindergarten was playing well together on the playground...this includes the sandbox. The sandbox remains to be one of my favorite environments, although now it has shifted from the castles and tunnel of literal sand to the creative developer environment where you can see what can work together within a software system. During my fellowship training, I immensely enjoyed working within the EHR. I was amazed to discover how much other systems, which were vital to the hospital and university, were unable to “communicate” with one another. I am still more amazed to see this problem has not only remained but seems to only grow. I am happy that finding solutions on this topic was a large component of all the buzz!

Communication is always the key to healthcare success

As with any business there are many different people that bring added value to the table. In my eyes interoperability is the communication component of an organization’s systems. You can only add so many work-around to a system that needs to act as a whole unit in order to succeed. And we don’t want to add any more to the physician burnout problem.

Make the wise choice for your healthcare software needs

More is not always better. The more software components you have the more interoperability challenges you will have to overcome. When purchasing components into your system solution- choose wisely. I know in my area - Natural Language Processing (NLP), I always advise to make a single investment that can solve multiple business problems. To me this is only logical. The more people at your organization using the same product the more you can support one another, and as you take on more challenges the software can scale and support your organization.

Augmented intelligence will indeed get us there, but we need to walk before we can run. Listen intently for that signal, and you can find and focus on the right non-disruptive solutions for you, and hopefully tune-out the rest of the noise.

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