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Calling all developers: the I2E Web Services API is for you!

The release of I2E 4.0 at the end of 2012 included a Web Services API (WSAPI) for our software for the first time.

The availability of this interface, along with sample code and a sample GUI, meant that it was possible for developers to include integration with I2E into their code.

We’ve used standard technologies when building our API but there are many software-specific features that need to be understood before you can choose what capabilities of I2E to include in your applications. For this, we are providing additional training materials such as training sessions at our Text Mining Summit, webinars, traditional phone and email support and, well, this blog.

This blog category — I2E WSAPI — will contain posts aimed at two different (but hopefully overlapping) audiences:

Existing I2E users (query builders or administrators) who have ideas about how to extend I2E’s functionality.
Post for this audience will introduce technical concepts like RESTful APIs, programming languages and interface creation.
Developers who wish to integrate world-class text mining into their product. Posts for this audience will introduce text mining/I2E concepts like search strategies, ontologies and results analysis.

In each case, the posts will cross-over so that there’s something to be learned by everyone. In addition, there will be posts where no knowledge can be assumed from either side, with topics including session management within I2E, Administration tasks and smart query handling.

We will try to keep posts short but frequent, giving you a chance to follow along on a weekly basis. If you have questions or comments, please contact us.

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