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Join the Linguamatics I2E Certificate Program at Spring Text Mining Conference 2018

Linguamatics Spring Text Mining Conference 2018

At this year’s Spring Text Mining Conference, you will get the opportunity to take part in our new I2E Certificate Program, which we launched at our 2017 Text Mining Summit.

This exciting opportunity will allow you to certify your I2E natural language processing (NLP) text-mining knowledge and skills. The Level 1 Query User Certificate will be open to those who attend the “Introduction to I2E” hands-on workshops that will take place at the STMC this April, as well as more established users, who have already attended the “Introduction to I2E” training. See the Spring Text Mining Conference Workshop Selection Guide for more details. It’s free to join in as part of your registration.

Completing the different levels of the Certificate Program will allow you to validate, extend and improve your I2E skills. The Query User Certificate will focus on using and editing basic queries and Resource queries to:

  • Create simple queries with different constraints, morphological variants, preferred terms and alternative lists
  • Use classes to improve recall and precision of queries with linguistic classes, ontologies, and pattern ontologies
  • Work with results by using limits, output formats and displays
  • Use Resource queries to answer common questions

Those taking the Level 1 Query User Certificate at the Spring Text Mining Conference will have access to:

  • In-class instruction
  • Practical, hands-on experience with I2E
  • Open question sessions with I2E Experts
  • A set of learning objectives
  • Learning materials, including
    • Tutorial booklets
    • All presentations
    • Some sample exam questions
  • An exam to demonstrate understanding of the learning objectives
  • An official certificate (upon successful completion of the exam)

Next year’s conference will include packages for a Level 2 (Query Creator) Certificate and the following year will have a Level 3 (Query Strategist) Certificate.

Register for the Spring Text Mining Conference, and the Query User Certificate. You can also contact Linguamatics at to review the learning objectives prior to the event.

Catch up with all our latest events information by following our @Linguamatics Twitter page and following the hashtag #STMC18.

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