Linguamatics partners with the Milner Therapeutics Consortium

There’s a Clay Shirky quote I like, that focuses on the importance of communication: “When we change the way we communicate, we change society”. There are so many different ways of communicating these days, with web meetings, calls, email, skype, twitter, and more. Indeed, global communication has never been easier, and making connections with colleagues, collaborators and customers across the world can be carried out from wherever we find ourselves, from our desks, coffee shops, airport lounges or even remote resorts. While “thinking global” is often almost taken for granted these days, it’s important to keep in mind the power of local networks and face-to-face human interaction. 

At Linguamatics, we are fortunate to be based within one of Europe’s key technology clusters. The Cambridge technology cluster includes many different networks engaged in research and development in vital areas including genomics, personalized medicine, rare diseases, big data technologies, and more.  

Linguamatics has recently become affiliated with the Milner Therapeutics Consortium, a new network dedicated to the conversion of basic science into therapies. Its mission is to accelerate academic research towards medical advancement by forging close collaborative interactions with industry. 

This important new venture currently consists of four major pharmaceutical companies (Astex, AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline and Shionogi), three academic centers (University of Cambridge, Babraham Institute and Sanger Institute) and nearly 20 affiliate companies (small and medium size companies that are technology or service providers or have drug development pipelines themselves).

The objective is to bring together the drug development capability of pharmaceutical companies with the know-how of the academic institutions and technology providers. The Consortium will provide researchers with the potential to access novel therapeutic agents (including small molecules and antibodies) across the entire portfolio of drugs being developed by each of the companies, in order to investigate their mechanism, efficacy and potential.

We are pleased to join this important venture and look forward to contributing to the events and initiatives that the Milner Therapeutics Consortium has planned. After all, communicating and sharing ideas is one of the key ways to drive science forwards, towards healthcare change and improvements.   

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