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Natural Language Processing on Tour - a Spring Road Trip

Spring has sprung!

Spring has always felt like a magical season to me. The dormancy of winter is set aside to allow for new growth, and the strategically placed butterfly garden outside my window is active with metamorphosis. Flowers transform overnight. As the transformation happens outside, I find many inner opportunities for growth taking place as well. I have personally experienced and observed in others that Spring brings out curiosity, the thirst of new discoveries, and the desire for inner growth.

The season of inspiration - even in healthcare

In healthcare, I attribute this to those striving for discoveries for better patient care. Luckily this “spring fever” has proven to be bountiful, and we have been able to witness this first hand. Throughout the country this Spring, Linguamatics has had the honor to host several one day seminars (and another in San Francisco yet to come!). These seminars have focused on how Artificial Intelligence, through Natural Language Processing (NLP), has inspired new discoveries covering a wide spectrum of applications in healthcare and pharmaceuticals. Proving once again that the talents from both industries work together for one common goal - to improve human health.

How are healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations using NLP?

Alyssa Hahn, University of Iowa, “Performance of NLP-Based Phenome Extraction from the EMR

Alysssa showed how NLP is streamlining the Classification of Chromosomal Microarray (CMA) results process that traditionally relies heavily on manual chart review; and subjective determination of relevance of each copy number variant (CNV) to clinical phenotype. Ultimately cutting down the annual phenotyping of ~700 CMA’s from 233.33 hours to 1.67 hours total - you can learn more here.

Walter Niemczura, Drexel University, “Using Natural Language Processing for Mining the Electronic Medical Record for Research and Operations

Walter explained Drexel’s success in reducing manual search of research cohorts, and how they improved operations such as revenue opportunities by finding proper comorbidities for billing purposes. Drexel was able to reduce review of 1,000’s of patients, allowing a manual chart review reduction of over 80% - you can learn more here.

Ben Hamlin, National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), “Goal Driven Quality Measures and how NLP can help

Ben talked about reducing the manual review of electronic medical records for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) quality metrics, ultimately saving clinical staff precious time - you can read more here.

Thierry Breyette, Novo Nordisk, “Automating Medical Insights with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and NLP

Thierry presented multiple examples of utilizing various real-world data such as call center feeds, information from medical liaisons and healthcare providers, that allow them to do such things as: identify macro and micro healthcare market trends in the US, detect patterns in clinical trial protocol deviations, and discern patterns in patient sentiment, compliance, routines, behaviors, and overall treatment satisfaction and outcomes - you can learn more here. To learn more about Linguamatics and AWS click here.

Come and join us in San Francisco on June 20th and witness for yourself how Linguamatics NLP is making a difference for National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), City of Hope, and Kaiser Permanente in their strive to improve human health on this beautiful planet... and beyond!

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