Press release: Linguamatics announces further innovations in I2E text mining platform

Linguamatics is pleased to announce the latest release of its award-winning natural language processing (NLP)-based text mining and analytics platform, I2E 4.4.

This latest release expands the range of online content access available through I2E OnDemand to include FDA AERS data, from the US Food and Drug Administration’s Adverse Events Reporting System.

Software enhancements

I2E 4.4 also adds a number of important software enhancements, including an NLP plugin framework to support non-English languages, enhanced capabilities for viewing chemical structures, better extraction of information from tables, and a new human - readable query language.

FDA AERS is typically used to monitor and discover safety issues in drugs released for public use. This new addition to Linguamatics’ cloud based I2E OnDemand platform allows users to immediately start mining this valuable safety data source without the overhead of downloading, processing and maintaining the information themselves.

The availability of a new multi-language plug-in framework in I2E 4.4 builds on the theme of this release to extend text mining to a wider range of content.

Text miners can now analyze documents written in a new language by plugging in an appropriate third-party language module.

Extended support for PowerPoint, Word and Excel

I2E 4.4 also delivers a number of further improvements, such as extended support for Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Excel documents. This allows efficient review of document repositories, including extraction of information from tables.

I2E Chemistry

I2E Chemistry allows users to not only extract chemicals by sub-structure or similarity search, but also to interpret the surrounding text, providing additional context. Now chemical structures can be visualized in results tables alongside the extracted text.

EASL (Extraction And Search Language) now available in beta

This latest release of I2E includes a beta version of Linguamatics’ new text-based query language, EASL.

EASL (Extraction And Search Language) enables direct, “on-the-fly” programmatic access to querying, offering developers greater flexibility when building custom interfaces and workflows, with a more auditable query format for more regulated environments. EASL is available in beta form in I2E 4.4, with a full release planned later this year.

“I2E 4.4 marks an important step for the text mining industry, with EASL providing a human-readable language to express powerful NLP-based extraction patterns. Coupled with the other benefits in this latest release, Linguamatics is demonstrating its ability to innovate and support our customers and partners in surfacing the key information needed to inform their business decisions.” David Milward, Chief Technology Officer at Linguamatics


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