Press release: Market-leader Linguamatics’ new text mining service redefines the patent searching process

I2E Patents Solution delivers new intellectual property insights from deeper natural language processing based analysis

(Cambridge, England and Boston, USA – September 13th, 2012) Linguamatics is pleased to announce the launch of its new service for mining the world’s patents. This service builds on the core capabilities of its market leading text mining engine, I2E. Linguamatics’ Patents Solution provides large-scale text mining of full-text patents from the world’s major patent organizations, including the USPTO, EPO and WIPO. The solution enables powerful NLP based analysis over tens of millions of full text documents in real time.

Linguamatics is not new to the world of big data. The I2E text mining platform is already recognized as the text mining product of choice in a number of sectors - including pharmaceuticals, biotech, chemistry, healthcare, and government - due to its sophisticated use of proprietary natural language processing based algorithms. With I2E, knowledge extracted from patents can be linked to other data sources such as scientific literature or structured databases.

The new patents mining service offers a step-change improvement for analysts, researchers and business development professionals, in terms of the accuracy, power and flexibility with which they can investigate and analyze the world’s most valuable intellectual property content. Users are able to query and manipulate up-to-date documents in real-time, to extract information or get to the most relevant documents. I2E differs from existing systems because it extracts information, facts and relationships, as well as identifying the most relevant documents. Thus, I2E provides incredible power to investigate new and old technologies, cross-fertilize innovation and probe uncharted technologies. As a result, companies using the I2E patents service will be able to identify more valuable development opportunities, move faster to take advantage of market opportunities and to manage and protect the growing value of their IP assets.

Linguamatics’ patent mining solution provides many valuable features, which will be of benefit not only to experts already working in this domain, but also researchers who want better access to the vast amount of information buried within patents:

  • Full NLP querying capabilities
  • Ability to search using ontologies to identify classes and concepts, not just keywords
  • Advanced chemical sub structure search - to help find novel chemical structures
  • Rich document region structure, to enable targeting of searches to specific areas (over 100 regions/fields) in patent documents
  • Identification and extraction of chained claims, to analyze and present dependent Claims in an easy to understand format
  • Contextual landscaping, to openly explore the context around concepts or keywords of interest, to find new information and extract terms to seed searches
  • Categorization and clustering of documents and results, which can be grouped around any concept (e.g. family id, chemical, author, organization etc)

By reducing the number of documents to the most relevant set for further manual review and analysis, I2E can accelerate the development of search strategies, making patent mining faster, more accurate and more insightful - redefining both the art and science of innovation and IP analysis.