Press release: Text analytics company Linguamatics boots enterprise search with semantic enrichment

New product release allows tens of thousands of enterprise search users to benefit from the power of Linguamatics’ market-leading technology.

(Cambridge, England and Boston, USA – June 19, 2014) Today, Linguamatics launches I2E Semantic Enrichment to provide increased return on investment in enterprise search systems and radically improve speed to insight.

I2E Semantic Enrichment is used within an existing enterprise search deployment to enrich the current data, make it more discoverable and provide more relevant search results.

The software scans millions of documents to identify and mark-up semantic entities such as genes, drugs, diseases, organizations, authors and other relevant concepts and relationships. Enterprise search engines consume this enriched metadata to provide a faster, more effective search for users.

I2E uses natural language processing (NLP) technology to find concepts in the right context, combined with a range of other strategies including application of ontologies, taxonomies, thesauri, rule-based pattern matching and disambiguation based on context.

This allows enterprise search engines to gain a better understanding of documents in order to provide a richer search experience and increase findability, which enables users to spend less time on search.

Synonyms allow the user to find all relevant results, not just those containing the exact word. I2E also provides rich, multi-level facets for the search engine to help the user filter down to the most relevant results across the areas of interest (e.g. disease, drug class, etc).

Linguamatics Executive Chairman John M. Brimacombe commented "It's no secret that enterprise search hasn’t quite lived up to expectations, with users struggling to find the information they need and organizations dissatisfied with their search solutions.

The I2E Semantic Enrichment solution brings the benefits of the power of the I2E platform to tens of thousands of users.

Sitting in the background, the I2E platform can transform the value of the enterprise search engine and allow organizations to protect and develop the major investment made in their system."


PR contact: Linguamatics' Marketing Manager, Carina Jenkins