Text mining and mental health: new speaker for the Linguamatics Spring Text Mining Conference 2016

A new speaker has just been announced for the annual Text Mining Conference hosted in Cambridge, UK. This annual conference has been running for over 10 years and features text analytics use cases particularly across pharma and life science. Information professionals across top 100 pharma and life science organizations gather to share insight, best practice and discuss the future of text mining technology.

Eleanor Yelland will be presenting on: I2E in mental health: Analysis of online transcripts used in cognitive behavioural therapy.

Eleanor is a PhD Student in the Division of Psychiatry at University College London. Her PhD is a partnership with Linguamatics and Ieso Digital Health, who provide text-based online cognitive behavioural therapy.

The project focuses on the language within the treatment sessions and how text mining methods can be applied to best use this to learn about and improve treatment provision. The work primarily involves identifying potentially relevant linguistic characteristics, measuring these and building statistical models of their relationship with therapy outcome scores.  

This adds to a world-class list of speakers across pharma and healthcare who will be presenting at the conference, including:

Jonathan Hartmann, Georgetown University Medical Center: Evolution of I2E to improve patient care

Thierry Breyette, Novo Nordisk: Generating Actionable Insights from Real World Data

Cassie Gregson, AstraZeneca: Application of Text Mining to Clinical Research

This year will also feature the first-ever Linguamatics I2E Query Hackathon. Inspired by the I2E Healthcare Hackathon at last year's Text Mining Summit in the US, this Hackathon will address these challenges and requires participants to extract and classify disease terms (plus medications if time allows) from sample medical transcripts.

Linguamatics Spring Text Mining Conference 2016

Monday, April 25 - Wednesday, April 27 2016

Venue: The Møller Centre, Cambridge UK


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