Text mining and patents: adding value to patent searching at the PIUG biotechnology conference 2015

Patent information professionals gathered in sunny San Francisco for the 2015 PIUG Biotechnology Conference on February 16–18th.

The conference, hosted at Genentech, offered a mix of workshops, presentations, vendor exhibitions and networking opportunities that brought together patent searchers from diverse biotechnology organizations.

The central theme of this year’s conference was “Maximizing Value in Biotechnology Searching with New Technologies and Trends”. Delegates were eager to enhance existing search strategies which included a mix of content provider search tools, keyword search, in-house developed programming/machine learning, manual curation outsourcing and, for many, Linguamatics I2E.

They all had one thing in common, everyone was interested in finding new trends, techniques and technologies that would help them return more relevant patent information more efficiently.

The conference started on the first day with a series of workshops. David Milward, our CTO, delivered a workshop on new developments in text mining patents.

The workshop included an overview of updates to our text mining platform I2E, to allow easier embedding and automation, multilingual processing, improved visualization and simpler extraction of information from tables – all of which resonated well with this year’s theme.

David also highlighted our new Connected Data Technology, which enables an I2E query to be run simultaneously over multiple sources, including local and hosted content. This allows I2E users to mine content from patents, scientific literature, grant applications, clinical trials etc., and return a single results set that is sorted and clustered for faster analysis.

A live demonstration helped answer the audiences’ questions and illustrated how users could benefit from using a system like I2E for their patent search.

Linguamatics’ CTO David Milward delivers a workshop at the PIUG Biotechnology Conference.

The second day continued with the main program, which included presentations and panels addressing many of the challenges and new technologies at play in the patents space.

Many presentations noted that the Pharma/Biotech life cycle is reducing and more than ever, saving time spent is a factor for filing patents. Influenced by the 2013 move to “first to file” from “first to invent” under the America Invents Act, more sophisticated search strategies are required to return more relevant data, faster.

We had a number of delegates stopping by the booth who were interested in seeing I2E in action. They seized the opportunity to search the I2E OnDemand [Linguamatics PIUG Booth] patent content and saw immediate, relevant results.

In addition to patent content, there was also interest in searching NIH Grants, MEDLINE and other OnDemand content sources for patent invalidity searches and supporting prior art. I2E OnDemand was able to meet both the search and content requirements for the use cases that were requested.

The main program concluded with Dr Julia Heinrich from Bristol-Myers Squibb presenting her project on text-mining patents for antibody drug conjugates.

Dr. Heinrich’s presentation detailed approaches in I2E to bucket intellectual property around this particular technology. This user case is part of an ongoing initiative to optimize, streamline and supplement, with I2E text-mining, Bristol-Myers Squibb’s patent analysis services.

In 2014, Dr. Yun Yun Yang, Dr. Thomas Klose and Mr. Jonathan Lippy won the Patent Information Users Group Stu Kaback Business Impact Award 2014 for the impact of their I2E patent analyses on kinase assay technologies on supporting Bristol–Myers Squibb business decisions. Their work was recently published (Yang YY, Klose T, Lippy J, Barcelon-Yang CS, Zhang L. Leveraging text analytics in patent analysis to empower business decisions – A competitive differentiation of kinase assay technology platforms by I2E text mining software. World Patent Information [Internet]. 2014 12//; 39 0:[24-34 pp.]).

We enjoyed being a part of the 2015 Biotechnology Conference and look forward to future events with PIUG.

Keep an eye out for upcoming opportunities to meet with Linguamatics at forthcoming events including our Spring Users Conference.