Why does Linguamatics still matter in knowledge management?

It was recently announced that Linguamatics has been named in KMWorld’s list of “100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management” for the third year running.

We are honored and recognize that making this list year-to-year isn’t a given.

3 key reasons why Linguamatics still matters in knowledge management in 2016:

  1. Leading NLP and text mining technology

Compared to other NLP text mining providers, I2E stands out for its ability to answer a wide range of questions, from simple open queries to questions that need advanced linguistic analytics.

Since this time last year, Linguamatics has become the industry’s first and only federated text mining provider.

Instead of having to run many text mining queries separately across disparate data sources, I2E’s Connected Data Technology allows users to run a single query simultaneously over multiple data sources whether they are located locally, on Linguamatics’ cloud-based I2E OnDemand platform, or on third party servers elsewhere in the cloud.

  1. Extensive ready-to-access knowledge cloud

Linguamatics works with a global network of content publishers and providers, who contribute to a cost-effective and high-performance text mining system that rapidly extracts facts and relationships from a wide range of content sources in the cloud.

I2E OnDemand provides a uniquely vast range of content and continues to grow to meet the increasing demand for content sources from life science and healthcare information professionals.  

In the last year, Linguamatics have added the following content sources to I2E OnDemand:

  1. Leadership in the life sciences and healthcare

Linguamatics continue to be the leading NLP provider in the life science and healthcare industries.

Linguamatics has 17/20 of the top pharmaceutical companies as customers and our position in this market continues to strengthen, especially as the application areas where text mining can add value in the life sciences are rapidly expanding. These include both improving the speed and reducing the costs associated with clinical trials and understanding gene-disease relationships.

In healthcare, EHRs represent a potential treasure trove of data. But, since around 80% of these records take the form of unstructured text, that potential remains largely untapped.

Linguamatics is leading the discussion on the growing importance of Clinical NLP in the delivery of patient care and using NLP to improve cancer care and outcomes.

I2E use cases in life science and healthcare will be presented at our upcoming Spring Text Mining Conference, April 25-27, 2016 in Cambridge, UK, including presentations from Thierry Breyette, Novo Nordisk, Jonathan Hartmann, Georgetown University Medical Center, Cassie Gregson, AstraZeneca and Eleanor Yelland, University College, London.

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