It's been more than a few months since the last blog post about I2E - enough time for two versions to be released!

In this post, I will highlight one feature from each release, as well as one part of the product that improves with every release.

I2E 5.4.1 - Blank Smart Query Slots

Previously, Smart Queries required a search term in each field: you had to include a Phase (or multiple Phases). In I2E 5.4.1, it is now possible to design the smart query with a field that is allowed to be blank. For example, you may want to make it possible to leave the Phase field blank (that is, allow clinical trials with any Phase) but still search for an Indication (or multiple Indications).

This applies to Dates, Authors, Locations, etc. any Smart query item can have its field blank. A great example of this is the collection of Table queries in the Resources query tree: they now allow table headers to contain Any item.

The software screenshot shows that an out-of-the-box Table Extraction queries supports the new ability to allow a Smart query field to match Anything

Fig. 1 Out-of-the-box Table Extraction queries support the new ability to allow a Smart query field to match Anything

I am delighted to share that Linguamatics recently became an official AWS Technology Partner.  In recognition of this milestone, I wanted to provide some details about how AWS helps to underpin Linguamatics products, including:

  • I2E OnDemand, a powerful NLP text analytics cloud platform used by data scientists and informaticians at leading pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations around the globe
  • iScite, an award-winning Scientific Search cloud platform for end-user scientists and clinicians
  • Scalability and performance for semantic enrichment workflows

Rapid ROI and Reduced Cost of Ownership with Federated Text Mining in the Cloud

I2E OnDemand has been available for many years, providing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) data mining for many of our customers - reducing their operating and capital expenditure costs, and providing instant, secure service for fast ROI.

In 2015, we migrated the platform to use AWS for the "gateway servers" that enable our Connected Data Technology to provide a unique federated text mining solution. Each customer organization has their own gateway servers; OnDemand plus customers can use these servers for managing their own content on I2E OnDemand. And with a range of different AWS  instances, Linguamatics can match customer requirements with the appropriate compute resource.

Our latest version of I2E includes improvements that make it easier to integrate the tool into your organization and process your internal documents, as well as the usual usability enhancements and under-the-hood modifications.

I2E 5.3.1 supports Single Sign-On (SSO) by connecting with Federated Authenticated Systems such as ADFS and Shibboleth. This means that you can be authenticated in one system and then seamlessly log into the I2E client without prompting for your credentials. If you are not already logged in via another system, I2E will initiate the login process via a redirect to a special web page.

We’ve improved the hit highlighting in our Excel results format (figure 1): terms from your search use the same colors for each column in your results and the colors are consistent across the I2E Query Editor, HTML results and highlighted cache documents.

Excel results show color-coded terms in the Hit column

Figure 1. Excel results show color-coded terms in the Hit column

A good example of recent continual improvement in I2E is the Class Chooser. In recent releases, we have increased search speed, added as-you-type class suggestions and, in I2E 5.3.1, we’ve added additional information for each class match to show which Ontology the term is from (figure 2). This helps to quickly review your results to get to your correct match(es), particularly when you’re using a term that could occur in different ontologies.

The latest release of Linguamatics AI Natural Language Processing (NLP) text mining software, I2E 5.3, has a number of new features and improvements for creating simple open queries to questions that use advanced linguistic analytics to reveal relevant results faster, with better precision and recall.

Most of the out-of-the-box I2E 5.3 Resources queries, such as finding all variations of subject-relation-object patterns, or gene-mutation-disease associations, can now be embedded within other queries, allowing you to further constrain your extracted relationships.

In I2E 5.3, when you start typing in the class chooser, it will automatically suggest the top 20 classes with that prefix (Figure 1) across all of your terminologies. If you want more suggestions, with our new auto-suggestion feature, you can “Resume” your search to match more terms.

Figure 1. Class Chooser Autocomplete for the prefix "foo"

For fresh installations, I2E 5.3 Enterprise is now configured to use SSL (TLS) by default. This ensures that all communication is encrypted and nothing, including user credentials, is sent through the network in the clear. 

Scientific search solution recognized as a breakthrough AI product that democratizes the power of NLP for pharma and biotech

Cambridge, England and Boston, USA — May 23, 2018 — Linguamatics, the leading natural language processing (NLP) text analytics provider, today announced that Bio-IT World has awarded Linguamatics the Best of Show Judges’ Prize for Linguamatics iScite 2.0, a software-as-a-service AI scientific search application that puts the power of text analytics directly into the hands of researchers and clinicians. iScite was one of 46 products considered for this prestigious award at last week’s Bio-IT World Conference & Expo in Boston.

Bio-IT World’s Best of Show Awards Program recognizes the most innovative product solutions for the life science industry, as judged by a panel of experts from academia, industry, pharma and biotech. During the May 16 awards ceremony, iScite was applauded as a product that had “blown away” the judges, by putting “big pharma power into the hands of the small guy”. Judges also recognized iScite for “the natural language processing power it delivers at a very affordable price point” and issued a challenge to the Bio-IT community to embrace the tool to “see what a whole community of really smart people can accomplish with it.”