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Case study: Biomarkers

Identifying the Crucial Link between Pre-clinical and Clinical Information

Mechanistic studies of compounds require specific traits to be measured; similarly, clinical studies of patients need to have an identifier to quantify effects of disease progression and treatments.These biomarkers can take different forms, e.g. enzymes with varying activity, changes in expression levels of particular genes, or the presence or absence of individual metabolites.The flexibility of I2E allows the user to search for any of these data types and to find relationships between items that link therapeutics to phenotypic effects.

At a top-10 pharmaceutical company, I2E was used to create a database of candidate biomarkers by mining Medline and full-text pdfs that could then be queried by scientists. I2E can also scan the literature for specific disease biomarkers on a day-to-day basis, to maintain the currency of the in-house database.

Identifying genes as candidate biomarkers for cancer