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Dow Jones Case Study: Text Mining for Competitive Intelligence

Dow Jones Case Study: Text Mining for Competitive Intelligence with Novo Nordisk

Four miDow Jones case study text mining for competitive intelligencellion people die from diabetes annually. Novo Nordisk, a global healthcare company, has a mission to change that. Although it has a presence in 170 countries, is already helping 28 million patients, and supplies half of the world’s insulin, the company still faces an enormous challenge: among the 425 million people suffering from diabetes worldwide, only half even know they have the condition. Novo Nordisk needed answers: how to reach and educate more people so that it could treat them. Text mining pointed the way forward.

“Finding accurate information in an ever-growing ocean of information is becoming more important than ever”
Solmaz Gabery Adams, Senior Information Scientist, Novo Nordisk

The answers Novo Nordisk needed lay buried within a myriad of sources of unstructured data. These data sources included research papers, news reports, market information, patient use information, and more...

...Novo Nordisk needed a solution that would quickly cut through the noise of unimportant information to find the gems, and also power dashboards that enable business users to slice and dice the data as needed. That’s where the power of text mining came in.

Download the case study to find out more about how Novo Nordisk are using natural language processing text mining to gather competitive intelligence from real world data sources, including Dow Jones DNA.


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