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6th Annual Pharmaceutical and Biotech Medical Affairs


Linguamatics is proud to be a platinum sponsor at the 6th Annual Pharmaceutical and Biotech Medical Affairs on June 16-18.

Linguamatics team members: Greg Carmichael, Duncan Selwood, Mindy Luce and Darlene Flanders will be attending the event, you can find them at our virtual booth.

Hywel Evans, Director of IQVIA NLP Insights Hub will be speaking at the summit.

Title: Shining a light on unstructured text with NLP
Date & Time: June 18, 10am EDT

Dramatic changes in the healthcare environment are re-defining the role of Medical Affairs. The role spans activities from engaging key stakeholders and driving the development of effective, market-responsive evidence strategies, to communicating evermore complex therapies and products in areas such as speciality care. With regulations meaning that the line between medical and commercial must be clearly drawn, Medical Affairs has moved center stage. 

How can leaders and teams perform effectively in this dynamic environment? How can they do so without building large costly functions? Part of the solution is the selective but effective use of technology. Technology that compliments and assists expert teams to stay current and cut through vast, noisy information sources to get to the pertinent data points they need to support their advice, decisions and communications. 

Using the IQVIA NLP Insights Hub platform, Medical Affairs teams can search and analyze information from across a wide range of information sources, from internal SharePoint folders to external publication platforms, and from social media and news to clinical trials databases, to get the answers they need. Users can be alerted to the latest releases of information available or to what is happening with competitive products. 

What you will learn more about: 

  • Developing candidate comparators for real world studies assisted by Natural Language Processing (NLP) text search 
  • Methods to increase response turnaround times for inbound medical science questions
  • Understand product and therapy market dynamics to influence market strategy
  • Q&A by: Jane Z Reed, Director, Life Sciences

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