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Healthcare and Life Science AI/NLP Seminar - Mid-Atlantic

2001 Market Street, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 19103, United States

When: Tuesday, October 8, 2019 | Time: 9:00am - 3:00pm
Where: Convene Philadelphia, 2001 Market Street, Commerce Square, Philadelphia PA 19103

Linguamatics will be hosting a healthcare AI/Natural Language Processing seminar on Tuesday October 8, 2019, in Philadelphia, PA. The event will take a deep dive into how to make the most of unstructured data and will look at medical use cases using AI/NLP.

Speakers include Independence Blue Cross, Advent Advisory Group, HighPoint Solutions, Linguamatics and IQVIA.
Presentations will cover the following areas:

  • Payers perspective - NLP use cases - Jim Denyer, Independence Blue Cross
  • The potential for NLP in quality reporting - Matthew Flores, Advent Advisory Group
  • Best Practices for Data Management for Payers and Providers - Adam Mariano, Highpoint Solutions
  • OMOP CDM for outcomes analysis and Real World Evidence (RWE) - Kristin Kostka, IQVIA
  • Social determinates of health (SDoH) for predictive models
  • Supporting quality measures with augmented intelligence
  • Patient safety nets to identify high risk individuals using unstructured data

The seminar will be an interactive meeting and will include live demonstrations pertinent to both healthcare providers and payers.


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Speakers & Abstracts

Presentation: "Health Payer Use Cases for NLP"

Speaker: Jim Denyer, Independence Blue Cross


Interoperability in healthcare while making progress in recent years, is still a long way from transitioning completely from a system that depends on forty year old facsimile technology.  Valuable clinical information is still embedded in unstructured data sources.  In this discussion we will discuss opportunities for using Linguamatics I2E to build efficiencies into existing payer business processes and extracting value from scanned health charts, faxes and other unstructured data sources.

Presentation: "Ending Data Co-Dependency"

Speaker: Adam Mariano, HighPoint Solutions


Data is critical to everyday processes in healthcare.  Data helps tackle operational problems, offers insight into performance, improve quality, safety and standardizes process, and allows us to better understand patients and markets.  As the industry continues to embrace social determinants of health (SDoH), disparities in care, consumerism, personalized medicine and digital health, data is, more than ever, the new oil.  Your relationship with data doesn’t have to be something you can’t tell your family about.  It can be a better partnership - enlightening, mutually beneficial and something inspiring – even something worth blogging about!

Presentation: "OHDSI/OMOP CDM for Real World Evidence and Outcomes Analysis"

Speaker: Kristin Kostka, IQVIA


The OHDSI program is a multi-stakeholder, interdisciplinary collaborative to bring out the value of health data through large-scale analytics. This collaborative represents joined efforts of academia, pharmaceutical industry, and informatics companies to develop and leverage innovative methodologies and advanced analytics for real world observational health data and promote high quality evidence generation. All our solutions are open-source. OHDSI has established an international network of researchers and observational health databases with a central coordinating center housed at Columbia University. This talk presents our vision for high quality evidence generation through our commitment to open science and innovation leveraging open source tools, shared standards and technologies we are generating as a community. Come see how we are shifting the evidence paradigm in academia and industry. Join the journey.

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