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August 2015


The 2nd Life Science Knowledge Management Summit will provide you with the tools to overcome challenges associated with developing an efficient, compliant and reliable knowledge management system. Experienced thought leaders will speak on how to develop, implement, manage, optimize and make the most out of knowledge management within a life sciences company.

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Linguamatics will be presenting at the 250th ACS meeting, August 17 2015 in Boston, MA. In this talk we will present the latest version of the I2E text mining software, and show how it can be used on English and Chinese text. In particular we will show how we can discover relationships between chemicals and biological entities or properties expressed either within free text or from embedded tables.

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This webinar is aimed at giving you an introduction to the power and flexibility of text mining to discover valuable insights from text in a wide variety of application areas.

It is aimed at those that are new to the area and want to understand the basic concepts behind the technology. It assumes no prior knowledge in this domain. The webinar will provide easy to understand examples to illustrate the techniques used and to clear up some of the jargon used by more expert users.


Jane Reed, Head of Life Science Strategy