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February 2016

At Shire, I2E is used for systematic examination of gene-disease associations. In this webinar, Madhusudan Natarajan will discuss the value of text analytics for disease severity and genotype-phenotype association, focused on Hunter Syndrome.

Healthcare expenditures in developed nations continue to climb as demographics and innovation drive unprecedented utilization and cost. This tsunami of demand has forced governments and insurers to exercise greater control over the management and measurement of health outcomes for its people. In Canada, population health management means increasingly turning to real world health status indicators to better understand the interrelated conditions and factors that influence the health of populations.

4 strategies you need to maximize the value of your data assets

How can you get your drug to market faster? This webinar will discuss four strategies for maximizing the value of your data assets using analytics to optimize speed to business insight.

91% of CMIOs questioned in a recent survey believe that rapidly increasing the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a critical step in making unstructured patient data actionable to improve patient care, reduce costs and enhance long-term health.

Accountable Care, Meaningful Use and the triple aim require better use of unstructured data to characterize patients more precisely both at an individual and a population level, as structured data is often not enough. 

The Linguamatics team, including our Head of Life Science Strategy Dr. Jane Reed, looks forward to seeing you at the Findacure Scientific Conference 2016.  


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Systematic approach to understanding gene-disease associations in rare disease

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The Linguamatics team looks forward to meeting you at HIMSS 2016 Booth #1373 in Las Vegas. Please contact us if you are interested in setting up a meeting.