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March 2016


Linguamatics looks forward to seeing you at the 251st American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition in San Diego, March 2016.

Jeff Nauss (Linguamatics) will be speaking on:

Chemistry, Data, & the Semantic Web: An Important Triple to Advance Science

What the presentation will cover:

One of a series of interactive, online workshops to help you get the most out of I2E, give you the opportunity to "ask the expert" and cover some detailed hints and tips.

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Presenter: Sharon Zhang, Application Specialist, Linguamatics

Duration: 30 minutes including Q&A

Data is changing the world. Big data. Characterized by the volume, variety and velocity of data available to us, waiting to be understood.

But making the best use of these data is not easy. It's heterogenous, located on local servers and on the cloud, structured and unstructured, which just makes it harder to get the insights you need. Natural language processing (NLP) helps you make sense of big data, particularly for knowledge driven industries like life sciences and healthcare.