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Oxford Global Pharma Data Congress


Linguamatics will be attending Pharma Data Congress Co-Located with SmartLabs Congress, 8-9 September.

Linguamatics team members attending: Jane Reed, Hywel Evans, Oscar TuttleOlly Tubaut, Peter Oledzki.

Meet us in booth 9.

Linguamatics Director of Life Science, Jane Reed will be speaking at the summit.

Topic: NLP for FAIRification of unstructured data across pharma organizations
Date & Time: Wednesday September 8th from 14:00 - 14:30, Stream 1

Life science organizations are rich with data, gained from years of internal and external effort and cost. However, a huge proportion of these data are unusable. Information is often housed in legacy systems, many of which are outdated and nearly all of which are not interconnected or able to communicate across the enterprise. Even within individual systems, information is siloed.

The good news is that advances in innovative AI technologies such as natural language processing (NLP) mean that we can now capture information housed across disparate systems – even the “messy” unstructured or semi-structured information. NLP can assist in developing FAIR data, mapping and bridging concepts via ontologies, creating rich indexes and enabling an effective access layer on top of data sources.

In this presentation we will discuss the value of NLP to “FAIRify” data sources across the enterprise for insight generation, decision making and innovation, with use cases from top pharma.

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