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Webinar: Big Data NLP for Population Stratification and Quality Measures

United States

When? Next date TBD

Length: 40 minutes

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Understanding and managing population health and wellness is vital in a changing payer and health plan landscape. But with 80% of the data in unstructured Big Data, so much insight is trapped in text. How are payers to extract these member insights and apply them in statistical and machine learning models?

This webinar explores NLP techniques for data discovery and information extraction to enhance predictive risk models, improve population stratification and automate capture of HEDIS quality measures.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how NLP can integrate into analytics, data warehouses and lakes.
  • See how risk factors, medications, disease lists and lab values can be extracted from clinical and member notes.
  • Gain insight into extraction of HEDIS metrics by using NLP techniques.
  • Understand the skills and requirements needed to support NLP.

About the webinar presenter:

Simon Beaulah is Senior Director, Healthcare and is responsible for Linguamatics’ healthcare products and solutions, including applications in the areas of clinical risk models, population health, and medical research. Previously, Simon was Marketing Director, Translational Medicine at IDBS/InforSense, where he was responsible for the company’s market analysis, product marketing, and Go To Market strategy in healthcare analytics and translational medicine. Prior to IDBS, he was Director of Product  Management at BioWisdom, where he was responsible for delivery of customer projects using the company’s ontology products. He also worked as a senior product manage at LION Bioscience and Synomics, and as a software developer at the UK’s Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council. Simon has degrees from Aston University and Cranfield Institute of Technology, UK.

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