Linguamatics Health Webinar - Use of cancer NLP to support precision medicine, clinical research and population health

November 30, 2017

Length: 1 hour

Precision medicine and population health initiatives are driving demand for more data, more quickly, to support improved clinical research and outcomes. With much of cancer data trapped in pathology and radiology reports there is significant interest in how these unstructured textual data can be turned into actionable insights. Such data is vital for use in tumor boards, cancer registries, biobanks and data warehouses for population health.

In this webinar Linguamatics will share its extensive experience using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to extract valuable information from pathology reports, and will demonstrate their Pathology NLP application with pre-built, configurable queries that support rapid implementation and organizational value. Central to this new version is an Oncology ICD-O coding component that extracts histology grade and behavior and body site information from patient notes. We will demonstrate the software using pathology reports from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) project.

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During this webinar, you will learn about:

  • The latest NLP techniques for mining pathology reports
  • How to support cancer case findings and abstraction for cancer registries using Linguamatics’ Pathology NLP application
  • How NLP is integrated to support research and operational data warehouses
  • Opportunities to effectively extract data from pdf documents using OCR technology supported by Linguamatics I2E spelling correction capabilities
  • How NLP supports phenotype/genotype research and mines scientific literature for disease and genetic variance associations in rare diseases

Who should attend:

CMIOs, VPs and Directors of Medical Informatics, CRIOs, Analytics VPs and Directors, Population Health VPs and Directors, Chief Health Information Officers


Simon Beaulah – Senior Director, Healthcare, Linguamatics

Elizabeth Marshall – Director, Clinical Analytics, Linguamatics

Edward Brown – NLP Specialist, Linguamatics