Webinar: Clinical NLP to support ACOs, clinical risk monitoring and population health

February 24, 2016

91% of CMIOs questioned in a recent survey believe that rapidly increasing the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a critical step in making unstructured patient data actionable to improve patient care, reduce costs and enhance long-term health.

Accountable Care, Meaningful Use and the triple aim require better use of unstructured data to characterize patients more precisely both at an individual and a population level, as structured data is often not enough. 

Attend this webinar to see what CMIOs are saying about NLP and how it can both improve patient care and help reduce costs.

Duration: 45min including Q&A

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About the webinar presenter

Simon Beaulah is Director, Healthcare Strategy responsible for Linguamatics’ healthcare products and solutions including applications in the areas of clinical risk models, population health, and medical research.

Previously, Simon was Marketing Director, Translational Medicine at IDBS/InforSense where he was responsible for the company’s market analysis, product marketing and Go To Market strategy in healthcare analytics and translational medicine.

Prior to IDBS, he was Director of Product Management at BioWisdom, where he was responsible for delivery of customer projects using the company’s ontology products.

He also worked as a senior product manager at LION Bioscience and Synomics, and as a software developer at the UK’s Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council.

Simon has degrees from Aston University and Cranfield Institute of Technology.