Webinar: Clinical Trials and Text Mining – How I2E can Bring Value to Your Trial Planning Today

April 5, 2017


In this webinar, Linguamatics will discuss how text mining can provide real value for clinical trial planning, and demonstrate how our new Clinical Trial Query Pack can put the power of NLP queries in the hands of any I2E user.

The most expensive part of drug discovery and development is the cost of clinical trials. Over recent years, clinical trial designs and procedures have become more diverse and more complex, and clinical scientists need to access relevant information on site selection, study protocol design, principal investigators, and more.

Researchers naturally look to utilize information from current and past trials, but manually extracting relevant information can be resource-intensive and error-prone. Also there are issues regarding effective search for many clinical trial registries. For example, search vocabularies are incomplete and much of the information within records is unstructured and not easily extracted using the registry-supplied search interfaces.

Many pharma and biotech organizations are using Linguamatics NLP-based text mining solution, I2E, to gain access to valuable data in clinical trial registries, in a more effective and efficient process.

The webinar will be presented by Dr Jane Reed, Linguamatics' Head of Life Science Strategy, and Dr. John Haldoupis, Application Specialist.

Who should attend?  

Managers, specialists, informaticians involved in Clinical Trial planning & analytics, strategic product & pipeline intelligence, comparative effectiveness, real-world data access


40 minutes including Q&A

About the webinar presenters: 

Dr. Jane Reed is the head of life science strategy at Linguamatics. Jane is responsible for developing the strategic vision for Linguamatics’ growing product portfolio and business development in the life science domain.

Dr. John Haldoupis is an application specialist at Linguamatics. John studied computational chemistry for drug discovery for his PhD, and now works with Linguamatics customers to understand their needs and apply I2E text mining and NLP methods to transform their information into knowledge.