Webinar: The Drexel Story: Reducing manual chart review for cohort selection with Natural Language Processing

February 27, 2020
Venue: Online Webinar, United Kingdom

When: Thursday 27th February 2020

Time: 11:00AM EST; 8:00AM PDT; 4:00pm GMT; 5:00PM CET.

Duration: 60 minutes.


If you are looking at thousands of patient charts to identify specific cohorts for clinical and observational studies, you might miss out on crucial information presented in EHR clinical notes records. While anybody in an IT department can identify a diagnosis in the discrete fields such as the problem list, they might miss out on critical information from EHRs that are contained in non-discrete fields, such as patient notes. Different providers may document the same diagnoses in many different ways - this process is seldom standardized. Linguamatics NLP technology can provides an augmented intelligence (AI) solution, which narrows down the number of patients’ charts clinicians need to look at.

Using Linguamatics, instead of residents having to review at 5,700 many thousands of charts, Drexel was able to reduce manual review to only 1,150 (1 in 6 charts) - a manual chart review reduction ofby over 80%, a huge saving of time and related costs for the Drexel team. A complete analysis of the information within the EHR also allows for far more accurate decisions.

In this webinar you will learn :

  • How Drexel was able to reduce manual chart review by 80% to 1 in 6 charts
  • How Natural Language Processing can be used across healthcare organizations to gain significant insights from clinician notes with the Electronic Health Record (EHR), increasing efficiency and improving patient outcomes


Walter Niemczura, Director of Application Development, Drexel University College of Medicine

Walt Niemczura is the Director of Application Development for Drexel University Department of Information & Resource Technology (IRT).  In his role, Walt oversees application development and several major third-party products including Microsoft SharePoint, Vanderbilt’s REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture), Florence eBinders, TriNetX, and Linguamatics Natural Language Processing platform. Walt’s team is also responsible for programs that employ Allscripts Unity, the application interface to Drexel’s EMR system.  Although assigned primarily to the college of medicine, Walt and his team provides support for Linguamatics NLP, REDCap, and SharePoint across the entire University.
Walt previously served on committees that governed the selection and use of Drexel’s NLP solution (Linguamatics) and secured data repository (REDCap), and currently serves on the college of medicine’s data warehousing committee.
Walt is a graduate of Drexel University and has over thirty years’ experience in application development, including real time systems and large database applications, and information technology management.  Walt earned his CISSP certification in 2018 as part of a commitment to providing a secure environment in clinical and research applications.

Simon Beaulah, Senior Director Healthcare, Linguamatics

Simon is responsible for Linguamatics’ healthcare products and solutions including applications in the areas of clinical risk models, population health, and medical research. Previously, Simon was Marketing Director, Translational Medicine at IDBS/InforSense where he was responsible for the company’s market analysis, product marketing and Go To Market strategy in healthcare analytics and translational medicine. Prior to IDBS, he was Director of Product Management at BioWisdom, where he was responsible for delivery of customer projects using the company’s ontology products. He also worked as a senior product manager at LION Bioscience and Synomics, and as a software developer at the UK’s Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council. Simon has degrees from Aston University and Cranfield Institute of Technology.