Webinar: Hunting synonyms: Synonym identification for ontology development and use with I2E

July 27, 2016

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In this webinar, Ralf J. Jaeger will present on synonym identification for ontology development and use with I2E

Human language is both creative and highly dynamic. This holds also true for written language and reaches into all fields of human interest, including science. The very same facts and thoughts can be expressed in many ways. Fortunately, well maintained taxonomies were introduced early to make it easier for scientists to keep track of concepts touching their area of research in the libraries. Thus, efficient retrieval of articles became manageable. In the light of fast growing internal and external scientific corpora and less time to find relevant information it became more and more crucial to have well maintained thesauri. Unfortunately, concepts used in library taxonomies are often formalized and come with no or too few synonyms used in free text. And, although the unspecific, alternative use of grammatical concepts is an indispensable tool in text mining, it is important to have excellent thesauri to find and extract phrases from scientific papers, with regard to post-processing, precision, time etc. In addition, science has begun to learn from non-scientific sources such as social media, which in turn widens the scope for expressing information. It seems obvious that lacking free text synonyms in taxonomies is detrimental to gaining optimal results. Finally it has become evident that abundant thesauri also may have their limitations. Thus, tagging of concepts with more granularity, ideally driven by the user, during indexing of corpora is required. It needs to become part of the standard text mining workflows to cope with the semantic diversity.

About the Presenters:

Ralf J. Jaeger is a senior scientist in the Data Science group of the department Pharma Research and Early Development Informatics at F. Hoffmann La Roche, Basel, Switzerland. He is a biologist and is trained in scientific information management (DGI) and project work. Early he began to introduce and integrate text-mining as complementary technology, including Linguamatics I2E, to support the company’s research groups. He entered the field of information science as a organizer and instructor of trainings offered by a former consultant company in Tübingen, Germany, before joining Roche in 2000. Ralf received his diploma in neurogenetics and his PhD in human genetics in the department of biology from Albert-Ludwigs-University, Freiburg i.Br., Germany and postdoctoral fellowship training at the HKI Leibnitz Institute in Jena, Germany, with focus on lab process automation.

Jane Reed is the head of life science strategy at Linguamatics. She is responsible for developing the strategic vision for Linguamatics’ growing product portfolio and business development in the life science domain. Jane has extensive experience in life sciences informatics. She has worked for more than 15 years in vendor companies supplying data products, data integration and analysis and consultancy to pharma and biotech - with roles at Instem, BioWisdom, Incyte, and Hexagen.