Webinar: I2E in mental health: Analysis of online transcripts used in cognitive behavioural therapy

August 11, 2016

This webinar is based on a presentation given at the 2016 Linguamatics Spring Text Mining Conference. It will cover a portion of a UCL-based PhD project that forms a collaboration between the university, Linguamatics and Ieso Digital Health, who provide online text-based cognitive behaviour therapy to patients with mild to moderate depression and anxiety. The transcripts from these therapy sessions form a rich and underutilized data source. This work aims to explore how text mining with I2E can be applied to best use this data to learn about the therapeutic process and improve therapy provision.

Date and time: Next time TBD

About the webinar presenters

Eleanor Yelland is a PhD Student in the Division of Psychiatry at University College London. Her PhD is a partnership with Linguamatics and Ieso Digital Health, who provide text-based online cognitive behavioural therapy. The project focuses on the language within the treatment sessions and how text-mining methods can be applied to best use this to learn about and improve treatment provision. The work primarily involves identifying potentially relevant linguistic characteristics, measuring these and building statistical models of their relationship with therapy outcome scores.  

Eleanor will be presenting on I2E in mental health: Analysis of online transcripts used in cognitive behavioural therapy.

Simon Beaulah is Director, Healthcare Strategy responsible for Linguamatics’ healthcare products and solutions including applications in the areas of clinical risk models, population health, and medical research. Previously, Simon was Marketing Director, Translational Medicine at IDBS/InforSense where he was responsible for the company’s market analysis, product marketing and Go To Market strategy in healthcare analytics and translational medicine. Prior to IDBS, he was Director of Product Management at BioWisdom, where he was responsible for delivery of customer projects using the company’s ontology products. He also worked as a senior product manager at LION Bioscience and Synomics, and as a software developer at the UK’s Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council. Simon has degrees from Aston University and Cranfield Institute of Technology.