Webinar: Read Alert - Using I2E for automated and centralized alerting of new targets

January 27, 2016

Text mining can be an effective solution for retrospective analysis of the literature, but an equally important problem is the quick triage and discovery of new information as it arises. One valuable use is rapid alerts on information around new targets of interest to particular therapeutic areas, diseases, pathways; critical in target discovery and prioritization. We will describe a system for alerting that uses I2E’s capabilities of automation, through scripted indexing and API-based search, and combines them with a database for cross-article comparisons. This webinar is based on Jon's presentation at the Linguamatics Text Mining Summit held in October 2015.

Duration: 45min including Q&A

About the webinar presenters

Jon Hill is a principal scientist for the Computational Biology and Analytics group at Boehringer Ingelheim, with a focus on new target concept discovery from public and proprietary data. He obtained a M.S. in Applied Genomics from the University of Connecticut and a Masters in Library and Information Science from Southern Connecticut State University. His current research focuses on understanding disease mechanisms in inflammatory and renal diseases through next generation sequencing analysis and analysis of databases and unstructured text.

Dr. Paul Miligan is Principal Application Specialist at Linguamatics. He has been with Linguamatics since 2005, helping customers to gain maximum benefit from using our technology, either directly through improved I2E searches or by exploiting the power of the I2E platform using the Web Services API to integrate with other tools. He has a doctorate in computational drug design. After graduating, Paul continued working on this type of relationship within the biotech sector where he explored the evolutionary differences between proteins and structural differences between ligands taking him into the fields of bioinformatics and chemoinformatics.