Webinar - What is New in 5.0

The date of this event is to be confirmed

I2E 5.0, the latest of release of I2E, delivers major new enhancements, including normalization of concepts, advanced range search, and a new query language (EASL). These capabilities tackle the variety in big data challenge, to accelerate insights from both the estimated 80% of data trapped in unstructured text, as well as from semi-structured and structured data sources.

About the webinar presenter:

Guy Singh is senior manager, product and strategic alliances at Linguamatics. He has a joint role that spans both managing the I2E product and the partner ecosystem around it. In his product role, he is responsible for product management, marketing and strategy guidance of I2E, an award winning agile, high performance enterprise text mining software. His strategic alliances role holds responsibility for recruiting and managing partners across technology, content and services for text mining