Improve population health insights from unstructured data with Linguamatics Health

The challenge

Value based medicine instructs us to reduce the cost of care and improve population wellness. This requires characterizing patient groups at a fundamentally more detailed level. However, much of this detailed insight is trapped in unstructured text and incompatible with our conventional data warehousing and analytics approaches.

How can structured and unstructured patient data be brought together?

The solution

Linguamatics Health, powered by I2E, transforms unstructured data as part of a data pipeline integrated into your enterprise analytics infrastructure.

  • Extract insights about determinants of health: lifestyle choices (such as smoking, drinking, and exercise) or social determinants (such as social support network, living location, or ambulatory status)
  • Integrate with existing infrastructure such as EHRs, Hadoop, analytics tools, and data warehouses
  • Enhance analytics with unstructured data by plugging in a text ETL pipeline using I2E AMP

To find out more:

Download whitepaper on mining unstructured patient data for successful population health.

Download Population Health white paper