Technical Author

Cambridge, CB4 0WG, United Kingdom

We are a leading, world-class provider of award-winning natural language processing software for healthcare and life science applications and we are looking for a Technical Author to join our small documentation team in Cambridge.

About The Job

If you join us you will be kept busy in a varied role involving updating our user manual, developer guides, and release docs.  Working predominantly on our core product, I2E, you will:

  • Collaborate with the development and testing teams to document new features.
  • Gather data from our domain specialists about tasks that can be accomplished with it.
  • Apply your strong technical and authorial skills to synthesize the material you have collected into a concise, coherent, and consumable whole.

You will also work with other product and project teams in a variety of roles. For example, you may design a documentation structure for others to fill in; you might review, edit and advise on documentation written largely by developers; or you might contribute to style guides, standards and conventions for material that will go onto platforms such as our customer portal, knowledge base, or developer forum. 

If you get the job we’ll expect you to:

  • Take ownership of your work.
  • Apply intelligence and judgement at all times.
  • Be able to justify your position and be prepared to discuss alternatives.
  • Pay attention to detail and the big picture.
  • Look for ways to improve yourself, your work, the team, and the company.

About You

You enjoy learning and are able to write appropriately for an international audience that includes scientists, librarians, informaticians, systems administrators, and, increasingly, systems integrators and application developers.

We are not looking for any specific tool-set experience, but expect you to be able to be adaptable and to learn enough of a new tool to get the job done.  We think that a great writer writes well, with their audience in mind at all times.

You will have most or all of the following attributes:

  • Experience in technical writing in a software development environment.
  • Great all-round communication skills, whatever the audience.
  • Ability to explain complex concepts clearly and accurately.
  • Desire to connect the reader’s view of the world to ours.
  • A questioning mind and analytical skills.
  • Organisation, flexibility and adaptability.
  • Pragmatism and initiative.
  • A desire to self-learn and to share.

You may also have knowledge of, and experience in, some of these areas:

  • documentation of APIs
  • scripting in languages such as Python, Perl, or Bash
  • version control such as Mercurial or Git
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Life Sciences
  • cross-functional teams
  • Agile teams
  • UX

About Us

We will provide:

  • great colleagues with outstanding team spirit
  • interesting, challenging and varied work
  • a team that's open to change and continuous improvement
  • a company that's growing
  • a company that cares about its employees and their careers
  • the opportunity to make a difference

Successful applicants will be required to have a background and criminal disclosure check.

Please send your CV and two 250-500 word samples of your technical work, with a covering note giving background on the pieces and explaining your contribution to them, via email to:

Heather Stewart, Linguamatics, 324 Science Park, Cambridge CB4 0WG, UK