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Test Engineer

Marlborough, MA United States

The Test team at Linguamatics is looking for someone with experience in the healthcare industry to join us in our work testing Linguamatics' world-class natural language processing software for life science and healthcare applications, and the resources that we develop alongside it. In particular, we want someone who is practised in reading and interpreting medical records and the specialised information within them, has dealt with protected health information, and is familiar with the world of payers and providers.
Are you that person? You might be working with medical data, or be in coding or data abstraction and want to put your subject expertise to wider use; you might be a clinician with a passion for technology that does good in the world; you might be a researcher looking to change your career focus to developing tools to assist researchers; you might be a seasoned tester with experience in this specialised domain; or you might be something else completely. We're open to anyone with the right skills, knowledge, and attitude.
This position is based in Marlborough, MA, and project work will be with colleagues based in both the UK and the US. It’s an exciting opportunity for someone to support product development on both of our sites.

In the Test team we strive to provide relevant information to stakeholders and we're flexible about how we do it. We are prepared to use the scientific method, statistics, exploratory testing, checklists, test scripts, tools, automation, and whatever else we think will give the result the business needs. We use and we eagerly solicit peer review, we’re open to new ideas, and we perform regular retrospectives to help us improve ourselves and our work.

Our testers often attend testing events (sometimes hosted by Linguamatics), workshops and conferences. We also have regular in-house training in testing and other skills. Our company respects what we do, and we’re a core part its work and culture. Testers are often to be seen at brown bag lunches, sharing information with our colleagues at their group’s meetings, or writing for the company newsletter, Indefinite Articles.
If you get the job you will be expected to
●    take responsibility for your work
●    apply intelligence and judgement at all times
●    be able to justify your position and be prepared to discuss alternatives
●    look for ways to improve yourself, your work, the team and the company

You must have one or more of the following
●    experience in a working healthcare environment
●    experience of working with medical records
●    good general knowledge of the healthcare domain as a whole

You will have most of the following attributes
●    good understanding of the constraints imposed by PHI regulations
●    reasonable knowledge of life sciences, bioinformatics, or genomics
●    depth of knowledge in some specific area such as medical coding, oncology, clinical research, anatomy, or pathology
●    reasonable knowledge of medical terminology around symptoms, diagnostics, and treatment
●    familiarity with ontologies and data sources such as PubMed,, …
●    a demonstrable interest in software development or technology
●    great communication skills, both written and spoken
●    experience with the scientific method
●    analytical skills and a questioning mind
●    high intelligence and creative thinking
●    adaptability and pragmatism
●    desire to self-learn and share
●    strong initiative
It'd be good if you had background in or knowledge of some of these
●    natural language processing
●    text mining
●    data analysis and presentation
●    software testing
●    software development
●    technical or customer support
●    programming or scripting experience
And what you'll get from us is
●    great colleagues with outstanding team spirit
●    interesting, challenging and varied work
●    encouragement to test the way that best suits the task at hand
●    a team that's open to change and continuous improvement
●    a company that's growing fast
●    a company that cares about its employees and their careers
●    the opportunity to make a difference

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