Key opinion leader identification

Within the Life Science industry, the terms "thought leader" or "key opinion leader" (KOL) are used to refer to influential physicians and academic researchers who are respected and acknowledged as leaders in a subject area.

I2E can be used to extract KOL information from unstructured data sources, such as the most up-to-date research published in Medline, conference abstracts, or grant reports from NIH RePORTER.


KOLs provide critical support services to life science companies, such as consultancy, conducting clinical trials, or presenting at regulatory meetings or hearings. As such, identifying and managing appropriate thought leaders is an important priority for many pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Use Cases for Key Opinion Leader Identification

Linguamatics Application Note Conference Abstracts 

This Application Note details how I2E can be used to identify high priority items for an upcoming conference, for example to pinpoint the most prolific authors for specific therapeutic areas.

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Visualization of I2E results for diabetes experts

A top 5 Pharma uses I2E to find researchers in specific therapeutic areas, ranked by priority of research (e.g. using Impact factor) and visualized effectively by geographic region. 

A top 5 Pharma uses I2E to find researchers in specific therapeutic areas and geographic region

Google map image of researcher locations, positioned using Quick Geo from zip codes extracted by I2E from MEDLINE abstracts. This visualization allows the user to zoom into specific geographic regions, and find the key authors (with links to Pubmed ID) relevant for the therapeutic area of interest.