Pre-clinical safety and toxicity studies

I2E enables early identification of potential safety issues. This is crucial to optimizing investment in R&D and avoiding late stage failures.

According to our customers, I2E reduces time spent searching and reviewing safety/toxicity information by up to 70%.


Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies spend millions in resources to discover, develop and deploy therapies that will be effective and safe. Assessment and prediction of the potential for adverse effects from a particular compound or lead series, or biologic molecule, is important both in the early discovery phases and also in the later clinical development stage of the drug pipeline. Much safety-relevant information is locked up in textual documents, either from medical and scientific literature or in internal study reports. 

The challenge is to mine available literature sources, both internal and external, to find and extract relevant information in a timely manner. Linguamatics I2E can query and extract dosages, drug names, tissues and safety indicators from large document collections, to answer questions such as:

  • Are there known adverse or toxic events related to this compound, in model animal species or in humans? In the liver, heart, reproductive organs?
  • Is the therapeutic dose level for this drug close to an unsafe dose level previously reported?
  • What is the pathway of the drug target, and are there known safety issues around this pathway or target?
  • Are there any drug-drug interactions? How is the compound metabolized in the body?
  • Are there similar compounds, either structurally or by mechanism of action, that have known adverse events?

Use Cases for Pre-Clinical Safety and Toxicity

  • I2E uses the linguistic processing capabilities to extract numeric dosage data associated with toxicities and adverse reactions from MEDLINE abstracts. Access the application note on safety and toxicity to find out more.

    Access the application note

  • The advantages of extracting potential safety and toxicity issues from existing literature can be enormously beneficial financially if done early enough in the drug development pipeline. Access the webinar on extracting safety and toxicity knowledge with I2E. This webinar illustrates how using Linguamatics' agile text mining software, I2E, can aid this process significantly.

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