Text mining: the return on investment

In 2014, the top 20 global patented pharmaceutical products ranged in annual sales from around $4 billion to over $12.5 billion.

With sales on this scale, even one month earlier to market could generate additional revenues of many $millions. 

Time and again, I2E has been shown to generate insight and efficiencies that can speed up time to market – anywhere from one month to more than a year. Even with niche medicines, the impact on revenue is substantial.

Can you afford to run your business without I2E? The following metrics on return-on-investment all come from specific customer applications of I2E within drug discovery & development.

Target ID and Selection

Researchers use I2E to identify targets and establish ranking based on factors such as safety and efficacy. Researchers report that I2E uncovers relevant papers that would never have been seen using previous methods.

The adoption of I2E for querying has led to a nearly 100% improvement in the precision of literature review results, as well as increased recall.

“Our researchers are experiencing 10x to 1000x time savings to answer very complex questions over conventional literature searching, and with more relevant results.”

Biomarker Discovery

Researchers use I2E to understand which genes or other entities are potential biomarkers for particular diseases, as well as the different effects of compounds in disease treatments.

I2E reduces time spent on query development by up to 85%. For example, literature review can be reduced from c. three to four weeks, to just seven to ten days.

“No other product has the same set of capabilities... No other software tool has been able to accomplish what I2E can.”

Pre-clinical Safety Toxicity Studies

I2E enables early identification of potential safety issues, crucial to optimizing investment in R&D and avoiding late stage failures.

I2E reduces time spent by up to 70%; in subsequent projects, this can reach 95%.

“The first thing that captured our attention was Linguamatics’ flexibility and support for analysing and correctly interpreting completely new research questions and producing accurate results... excellent linguistic processing.”

Clinical Trials

I2E is essential to extract and synthesize the high value information that is found only in the unstructured text regions of trial reports. This can then be used in future study design and site selection.

Using I2E, the time for site selection can be reduced by over 80%. For patient recruitment, time spent can be reduced by at least 25%.

“We were looking for a product to extract information from millions of unstructured documents in published literature to answer scientific research questions... we continue to expand and improve its (I2E's) application.”

Competitive Intelligence and Patent Landscaping

I2E can help you understand from the outset which areas have already attracted heavy investment and which offer potential for new drug candidates. Pharma and biotech companies can then use this information to maximize profit potential.

I2E dramatically reduces the research time required: for example, from weeks or months to a matter of days. I2E’s advanced knowledge discovery approach can save tens of millions of investment dollars.

“I2E minimizes the human curatorial effort in building up the ontology to improve the NLP. An added benefit was automatic entity tagging of the publications database against our proprietary thesaurus (proteins, diseases, adverse events), thus enhancing its value.”