Fast-tracking patents

I2E interrogates complex patent documents effectively

Extracting chemistry knowledge

Roche pRED uses I2E to speed up drug discovery

Comparing Real-World Evidence to clinical trial events

AstraZeneca uses I2E to extract relevant adverse reaction information

Safety / Toxicity

Early investigation of toxicity effects is key to optimizing R&D efforts

Systems biology

Integrating NLP text mining with experimentation


Top 10 pharma uses I2E to build database of candidate biomarkers

Mining clinical trials

I2E helps AstraZeneca design and interpret studies by mining clinical trials

Target prioritization

Pfizer uses I2E to capture valuable information from Life Sciences literature

Disease selection process

I2E searches are now routinely used by Syntaxin

Target identification, validation & selection

Top 10 pharma uses I2E for novel target selection

Clinical safety & regulatory

The Linguistic capabilities of I2E are critical in providing a distinction between effects

Extracting Real-World evidence

Linguamatics helps Pentavere Research Group to develop a big data platform

IDMP compliance

I2E takes Mundipharma Research towards IDMP compliance and beyond

Patent analytics

Pfizer improves patent results 10x with text analytics from Linguamatics

Fast-tracking clinical trials

I2E enables Eli Lilly and Company to assist in the design of new clinical trials

Target selection

I2E helps AstraZeneca integrate text mining with other discovery capabilities

Internal safety reports

Merck uses I2E to gain value from legacy safety reports

Regulatory quality control

Top 10 pharma uses I2E to highlight errors in regulatory submission documents

Chemistry in context

Rapid extraction of potential chemistry information for Ebola from patents

Genotype-phenotype associations

Sanofi uses I2E to find genotype-phenotype associations in a multiple sclerosis biomarker discovery project