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NLP Summit 2021: Deliver meaningful value from healthcare data - Calum Yacoubian

 Calum Yacoubian Deliver meaningful value from healthcare data

The language of healthcare is still best conveyed in narrative form. Although modern EHR systems are constantly increasing the number and variety of structured fields in the medical record, the single source of truth remains in the words that healthcare practitioners document from and about their patients. Therefore, the role of solutions which specialise in extracting meaning and value from these data in a systematic, comprehensive and reliable fashion is key.

During this talk we will present key areas where NLP will make a difference in healthcare this year, as well as some real world examples from our customers. We will discuss value across the healthcare ecosystem – from providers, payers and government to diagnostic labs and healthcare technology companies. We will also discuss how the NLP Data Factory is supporting these customers in being successful.

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