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NLP Summit 2021: Empowering scientific, medical and business users with self-service NLP - Hywel Evans

Hywel Evans Empowering scientific, medical and business users with self-service NLP

Across life science and healthcare, from medical and scientific users through to commercial teams, the tasks of finding, reviewing and selecting relevant documents and data points is time consuming and leads to inefficiency.

There are a wide range of high value applications for NLP, many of which can be automated and the output provided directly to end users. By putting individually configured visualizations and analytics, as well as NLP powered search functionality into the hands of end users saves time by rapidly extracting key insights and allowing them to focus on generating hypotheses, carrying out analyses, developing strategies and making decisions instead of spending time gathering and sorting through information.

The IQVIA NLP Insights Hub integrates and transforms information from a wide range of structured and unstructured data sources in a single convenient platform and this short session you’ll hear about some if it’s benefits and features as well as see a quick demonstration of the platform in action.

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