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NLP Summit 2021: Enterprise scale NLP made easy - Paul Milligan

The importance of data in driving clinical and commercial outcomes is absolute, yet many life science and healthcare organizations leave 80 percent of potential insights untapped, locked away in unstructured and semi-structured formats.

Manual abstraction of these vast amounts of data is time-consuming and unsustainable and point solutions can’t extract and integrate information across multiple business areas, at scale. So how can we make use of this data in an easy, reliable way that has global reach?

The IQVIA NLP Data Factory accurately and comprehensively surfaces and normalizes features of interest at, in automated, robust and easily configurable pipelines. The NLP Data factory allows organizations to transform efficiency and productivity across the enterprise with reproducible extraction, enrichment and delivery of critical data.

During this talk we present how the NLP Data Factory leverages advanced NLP at scale. We will use the example of addressing health inequities by extracting Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) from clinical records to showcase this capability.

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