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NLP Summit 2021: What you didn't know: NLP for real world studies - Edmund Drage

Edmund Drage NLP for real world studies

The delivery of Real world studies is underpinned by access to high quality Real World Data. However, access alone to these data does not provide the answers to the complex questions that life sciences and healthcare companies need to answer. Natural Language Processing is a part of IQVIA’s toolkit which gives us a way to extract and normalise complex concepts from free text or unstructured data, meaning that more nuanced insights may be gleaned from this type real world data in a scalable manner.

Traditionally this has focused on deploying NLP software at hospitals / at source of these unstructured records. However IQVIA are now moving to utilise this technology in the context of site based eCRF type studies (Registries, NIS, chart reviews), in order to harmonise interpretation of free text into structured information ready for analysis within the study dataset. Examples of this range from providing insights on reasons for real world treatment decisions to collecting free text patient reported outcome information. In this session, Ed Drage, Senior Principal – Life Sciences Strategy at IQVIA, will discuss where he sees the best fit for this innovative approach to generating real world insights

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