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Webinar: Privacy Analytics and Linguamatics: Are you utilizing patient data to its full potential?

While structured data is now commonly deidentified and used for a multitude of purposes, it’s only part of the story.  Approximately 80% of patient data is unstructured.  Important knowledge – such as why patients are improving, or worsening – is often hidden away in unstructured text, requiring natural language processing (NLP) to help extract it. Commercialization of both structured and unstructured data is possible while not distracting from a primary concern - maintaining a layer of protection for your patients.

Watch IQVIA’s Linguamatics and Privacy Analytics teams, as they discuss:

  • Why relying on structured data alone isn’t enough
  • How a unified solution (NLP +  De-identification) helps you safely extract and share more, better data
  • Success stories from organizations that use both types of data
  • How to bring the whole story together and commercialize on your data efforts

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